The Best Crypto Companies of the Year Will Be Chosen on the 26th of October in Singapore

Crypto Awards 2018

The Crypto Awards 2018 by FINEXPO is going to give a summary of a remarkable year for the Crypto World. All Crypto Expo participants can register on the to get access to competing with leading crypto companies for an Award. The final results will be announced on the 26th of October in Suntec City, Singapore. It is going to be a place where this great tradition of choosing the best crypto company starts and the best of the best companies will get their trophies and honor.

The Crypto Community will choose the winner of each nomination by online open voting on the official Crypto Awards website. The voting lasts through all crypto series organized by FINEXPO (in Moscow, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia) from the 1st of May to the 10th of October, 2018. An improved system of votes recording will help to make a final decision – artificially generated voices will be noticed and declined by special calculators.

Organized for the first time, Crypto Awards is going to be the highest pinnacle of fame for all Crypto Expo Events - 2018 and pave the way to more in the future. Check out the list of nominations, which is quiet long: Best Blockchain Project, Best Crypto Trading Company, Best Crypto Investment, Best Crypto Banking, Best Crypto Payment System, Best Mining Project, Best Crypto Education, Best Crypto Media, etc.

Not to mention that Crypto Awards brings together the developers of the industry, leading companies, Crypro-experts and professionals and the Awarding ceremony is going to be filled with entertainments, incredible shows, music, fantastic prizes and live performances.

Crypto Awards is organized by FINEXPO, which is the largest company organizing financial and trading events, fairs, expos and shows worldwide since 2002. Over 30000 traders, investors and financial advisors and more than 3 000 financial companies and brokers from Forex, stock, option, bond crypto money and forward markets from all around the world have been connected by FINEXPO. FINEXPO events can help in positioning the company brand and engaging with business leaders and decision makers.

Register now on and be a part of this incredible flagship event in Asia.

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Source: FINEXPO Inc.